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Tour Information

Kickapoo Orchard tours will again be available during the 2018 season.




We welcome tours of all kinds - bus, school, antique cars, motorcycles, senior tours.   Enjoy our large salesroom and giftshop, bakery and get lost in the Sunflower/ Corn Maze.

Call the orchard:  608.735.4637 or  Fax :  607-735-4837 or call Julie Meyer (cell)  608.293.2404. or Email: Julie Meyer  or Email:  Julie Meyer 

Please provide information about dates, time, number of people, ages in the group. Bakery and/or a light sandwich lunch with beverage can be scheduled ahead of time.   Inside eating area for about 20 people.  Large bus tours may require dividing the tour into inside and outside groups, especially during busy weekends in late September through mid-October.

School Tours: 

Teachers and adult chaperons are required to accompany school tours and be responsible for the children.  Prepare yourself and your class for inclement weather and field conditions.  Bring bee/wasp first aid kits for those children who might be allergic.  Plan pre and post orchard visits with classroom activities that will stimulate curiosity.   Have your class think of questions to ask.

Adult Tours: 

Bus tours, bikers, sport cars, classic and antique autos, seniors and Red Hat groups..   Arrangements can be made to have one of our staff  give a talk about our orchard on the bus before the group disembarks.