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Latest News!


Sugar Creek Winery now will be sampling the fine wines on weekends from 11 am to 5 pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Retail Salesroom open 9 to 5 everyday.

Come in and see the major remodeling of the salesroom and new products!


October 4, 2017.   Come and take a walk through the sunflower/Corn Maze.  Don't get lost!





September 8, 2017, HoneyCrisp apples picked and in the salesroom!




Sunday, July 17, 2017  last day for picking cherries.




May 18, 2017.  Blossom petals have fallen, calyx ends have closed up and the apple and cherry crops are both looking good.




May 10. 2017.  Hazy morning view of the cherry blossoms on the left and apple blossoms on the right.   The drive along Orchard Ridge is beautiful now, and there was  no damage to the blossoms from the frosty nights earlier this year.


April 25, 2017.  Montmorency cherries slowly coming into bloom.




April 17, 2017: 
Empire apples in closed cluster, pink.  Cooler temperature forecast for this week and next week should slow down this early early development of blossoms.





Retail Salesroom closed until July, 2017 cherry harvest.

October 21, 2016.   Looking down through the orchard and to the hills. beyond.  The autumn colors are more subdued now but still very beautiful.




October 8, 2016 Update.  Haralson variety.  Not sweet but crisp for apple pie.



September 29 update:  The Sunflower/Corn Maze is blooming and ready to have visitors - come in and Get Lost!

September 4, 2016 update.



August 22 Update:  Swiss Family Smokehouse has stocked the refrigerated cases with fine cheese and sausage.   More apples are being brought in and shelves being stocked.




August 14. 2016 Update   Retail salesroom open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM everyday.  Jersey Mac, Early Gold, Monarch, Paulared and Dudley apples for sale. New



July 12, 2016.  Red tart cherries are all picked and gone. 





May 23, 2016    Photos one of the cider apple grafts in our Cider Apple Grafting Project.  Arlington Cider Graft on Jonamac apple.








May 8, 2016, Apple blossoms along the Orchard Ridge are in full bloom - Sunny skies are in the forecast for this Mothers' Day. 

Gays Mills Folk Festival



May 4, 2016.  View from the overlook.  Cooler temperatures are slowing the development of the blossoms - so there should be a good bloom for the weekend.  Gays Mills Folk Festival


May 2, 2016.  Empire blossoms with a little left-over rain in the petals.  The blossoms should be progressing every day due to the warmer weather forecast for this week.



April 26, 2016, Cherry blossoms on the left in full bloom.  Empire apple blossoms in open cluster pink on the right.  Weather and temperature forecast for the this week looks to be chilly with some rain before the weekend of April 30 - May 1.   Full bloom on apples is usually about a week after cherry full bloom - so we are hoping for apple blossoms on Mothers' Day Weekend - stay tuned for photo updates.







April 17, 2016, the temperature has suddenly turned warm and the cherry buds are in green tip stage.




April 2, 2016, Sad news today, long time friend and part of our orchard family, Jeanette Maybee died suddenly yesterday at the young age of 48.   She will be long remembered and missed by her family and friends.


A Cider Apple Field Day is scheduled May 10th at Kickapoo Orchard from  8:30 am to 5:00 pm.  Click on the Cider Mill link for up to date information.

January 27, 2016.  Andy and the rest of the crew prune all winter on any day that is not too bitter cold, windy or snowing too hard to be outside all day.





January 11, 2016 Smokey on the snow pile.  In keeping with Kickapoo Orchard tradition Andy blows the snow up against the power pole.  All of our dogs have used this as their look-out, including their black and white Smokey.



November 21, 2015, Sunflower/Corn Maze.  Four inches of fresh snow fell quietly yesterday and put a fresh look over the orchard.




October 16, 2015 Update  The Kickapoo hills are still pretty but the colors not as bright as before.  You can come inside and have bakery and coffee in the overlook area.



October 7, 2015 Update.  The free Sunflower/Corn Maze is larger this year; the sunflower heads are starting to droop down now but still colorful in the Maze.   The colors on the hills are starting to turn.  On weekend Oct. 10-11.  Sugar Creek Wine and Branches Winery will be sampling their wines every weekend.




September 16, 2015:  Sunflowers in the Maze are blooming - come and get lost in the Maze!   Pick your own Bluebell grapes. 




   May 13, 2015.  Cortland apple tree.  The blossoms have fallen and looks like there is a good set of both apples and cherries.  All varieties are setting up well.   We did not have a large number of rented honey bees in the orchard this year, instead relied on wild bees  have done a great job of polinating both apples and cherries.


May 1, 2015.  Cherry orchard across from the salesroom is in full bloom.  Warm weather on Saturday and Sunday will bring out a few more apple blossoms, but not expecting the full bloom we are all waiting for.



April 29, 2015.  Chilly evening temperatures are holding back the progress of the blossoms.  There are some pink tipped buds in open cluster,  but not yet a spectactular white bloom.  Will post a new photo on Friday, May 1st.



November 27, 2014  Update.  The orchard is now quiet, cold and frozen.  Soon the pruning crew will be out in all weather doing the winter pruning. 



November 26, 2914 Retail Salesroom Closed for the season.  See you in July, 2015.






October 22, 2014 Update.  Empty bins going out into the orchard on the bin hauler, also bus tours, retail, bakery and cider mill production make the orchard a busy place. 



October 16, 2014 Update.  After a morning fog that lasted until 10:00 am then sunlight brought out the autumn colors on the hills.




October 10, 2014 Update.  The salesroom is stocked with apples, cider, bakery, wine, caramel, jams and jellies,  sausage and cheese from Swiss Family.

Oct. 8, 2014 Update.  Sunflower/Corn Maze, come and get lost!






October 6, 2014 Update.  Here comes the most beautiful time for leaf lookers in the Kickapoo Valley. 

Oct. 1, 2014 Update.  Apples are waiting to be harvested and fall colors are coming to the hills of the Kickapoo Valley.




September 26, 2014 Update.  The sunflowers are blooming in the Corn Maze, and warm fall colors are coming to the hills of Driftless Wisconsin.





September 16, 2014 Update.  Two days of cold steady  rain had stopped the pickers for a few days.  

Photo:  Cortland apples:  high volume and bending branches and good quality apples define our 2014 apple crop.



June 17, 2014.  Montmorency cherries are starting to show a little color.  There was a heavy rain and windstorm last night, washed a few orchard drive rows - but no hail!



June 11, 2014.  Apples are sizing up very well.






May 27, 2014.  Apple trees are in petal fall stage with signs of good development of tiny apples.  It was a beautiful bloom and we see a good set of apples.




May 24, 2014.  All along the Orchard Ridge there is a beautiful bloom amongst the apple trees, take the drive along the ridge this weekend if you are in the area.




May 16, 2014, Empire apple blossoms in pink bud stage.  The buds need warmer weather to develop into full bloom, maybe middle of next week we will see the blossoms we have been waiting for. 




Mothers' Day May 11, 2014, Paulared showing a little pink but still closed bud.





May 6, 2014.  Paulared in 1/2" green stage.   With sunshine and warm weather all varieties are showing  growth and development.  The nipped-off bud on the right is the result of deer damage.




April 14, 2014.  Back to snow again, with more rain/snow predicted for the end of this week.  Winter of 2014 - the gift that keeps on giving.





Winter 2014 - the bitter cold below zero temperatues are moderating somewhat - but now there are more snow piles every few days.  Being out in the orchard in deep snow and cold temperatures makes for difficult winter pruning conditions.



Kickapoo Orchard won the first place  for pasteurized Cider at the Wisconsin Apple Growers Convention.  Thanks to the Cider Crew:  Bill Meyer, Keven Carter, Jim Maybee, Larry Marsden - and Andy Meyer who grows all our good apples!






2013.  This colored pencil drawing of  Andy and Julie's dog Buddy was done by the artist Lucinda of Bellevue, Iowa. 






Sept, 23 2013 - View from the Overlook and the Corn/Sunflower Maze which has been enlarged again.  Autumn colors are slowly moving into the Kickapoo hills this year.




Apple varieties continue to come into the salesroom, with lots more to come.  The gift shop is stocked with jams, jellies, syrup, sausage and cheese and more....


The 2013 cherry crop has been picked.





June 6, 2013 -Apples are through the "June Drop" period, and are setting up a nice crop.  Some dry, sunny weather would really help necessary work to get done in the orchard.


May 24, 2013 - Tiny Cortland apples starting to grow, also all the apple and the cherry trees are showing signs of setting fruit.  So far - looks like a good year,




May 17, 2013.  View from the overlook on a hazy day.  This Saturday and most of Sunday should be the best for viewing the apple blossoms.  The cherry blossoms are in petal fall stage. 



May 16, 2013 - After chasing bees around in blossoms I finally have a decent photo.  Just standing inside the trees in the blossoms I was surrounded by the sights and sounds of both wild bees and honey bees.  A wonderful sight and sound. There should be apple blossoms to see all along the ridge this weekend and into next week.


May 8, 2013 - Montmorency cherry buds, not open yet, both cherry and apple buds are developing slowly.





May 3, 2013.  A layer of ice formed along the branches and the growing green leaves - not harmful to the trees or the growing leaves.




May 1, 2013.  Most varieties are showing green tip, some at 1/2 inch green.    More chilly rainy days are forecast until next week.  For development of blossoms warmer daytime plus warm night time temperatures are needed.




December 30. 2012.  Hoar frost sparkled on everything this morning, including the cherry trees across from the orchard.  Happy New Year!



Winter Solstice  2012 - The day dawned bright and clear, the world didn't end - and it's beginning to look like a Wisconsin winter. 






October 28, 2012 - A few more weeks to go.






September 26, 2012 - The colors on the hills and valleys of the Driftless Area are beautiful now.  The sunflowers in the maze are blooming although the corn in the Maze is still stunted from the summer drought. 







September 17, 2012   Meet "Buddy" the alarm dog, he is Andy and Julie's dog.   He is friendly -but don't push him, he is a big dog and "plays" very hard.





September 3, 2012 - The Sunflower/Corn Maze is open.  No tall corn or sunflowers yet!  The planting of the Maze had to wait until the worst of the drought was over.



August 27, 3012

Pick your own grapes, Bluebell, Mars and Neptune.  Weeks early in ripening and sweeter  in taste this year.   Click on this link to the Other Crops page for more information.








August 9 2012 - Andy Meyer in the Paulared apples. The picking crew of local people will be picking there tomorrow.  Another nice rain is falling today. 






July 24, 2012 - Jersey Mac, Early Gold apples now in the salesroom.






July 16, 2012 - Early Gold and other early apples are ripening fast.





 July 12, 2012 -  We are watering the smaller trees using tote tanks filled with water - a method that is primitive and time consuming but it works and is needed  this year. 

June 24 -  Retail salesroom is open everyday from 7 am to 3 pm for pick your own or picked red tart cherries and red raspberries.  The sweeter Balaton cherries are becoming ripe.   Red raspberries bloom and ripen over time, so the supply varies, but these are earliest picking dates ever.







May 27, 2012.  There is no precedent for a season as early as this year, but the red tart cherries may be ready to pick by the third week in June.  Stay tuned.



May 11, 2012 - Zestar apples were in bloom April 11th, four weeks earlier than other years, are growing  into a crop.  Apples are also developing on most other varieties.







April 27, 2012 - Cherries and apples are slowly starting to appear, but it's still early in the development.  Both are 4 - 5 weeks ahead of last year.






April 17, 2012

Sorry  - no "peak bloom" this year mainly due to unprecedented roller coaster temperatures, apples have bloomed over a period of weeks as you can see from the photo below.  There is some damage but not all varieties are affected - we will have apples.








April 11, 2012  Some damage from several nights of freezing temperatures, but there will still be apples this fall. 







April 7, 2012

Low temperature forecasts for next week show that we have more exposure to frost.   Last year there was snow on April 19th.   Apple growers always try to be optimistic.

April 5, 2012  Cherry trees are in full bloom, apple trees are coming into  bloom, the crab apple is blooming, the bee hives are coming into the orchard today.







April 4, 2012

If you are concerned as we are about critical temperatures for fruit crops, click on this link:  Critical Temperatures

April 2, 2012 - Empire blooms in pink bud stage.







March 28, 2012

Here come the cherry blossoms, ready or not!  Cherry blossoms across the highway from the salesroom.  Should be in full bloom by the coming weekend, 5 - 6 weeks earlier than normal




March 28, 2012, across Hwy. 171 from the main buildings.







March 25, 2012


The breakneck speed of development has slowed down some due to chilly and rainy weather.  For a comparison with 2011 blossom development, scroll down to 2011 bloom photos.



March 15, 2012

After one of the latest bloom periods in 2011 it looks like 2012 is going to be early if the warm weather continues.  Right now everybody is scrambling to get the pre-bloom work done in a condensed period of time, and that includes pulling the winter pruning brush out and stacking it in the drive rows, where it will be pushed out or chopped up.

October 8, 2011







The sunflower/corn maze is still fun and still confusing, although the sunflowers are not as spectacular as they were before the high winds of last week. Hint: our geocache is  in the maze, although most of the contents have been removed, please write your city and state in the log book.

September 15,  2011

Come and get lost in the sunflower/corn Maze!






August 26, 2011

Raspberries and Red Tart Montmorency cherries are all gone.






May 31, 2011

We will have a somewhat later crop than last year, but there will be a normal size crop of Montmorency cherries this year.



May 28, 2011, Memorial Day Weekend. 

Post bloom period with the apple crop setting up nicely.  Rainy cool weather continues. 



May 17, 2011

Blossoms and bees, just what we have been waiting for.  2010 was one of the earliest years for full bloom, 2011 was one of the latest ever, which is why we always resist "predicting" bloom dates. 





May 15. 2011

A sunny and windy day as blossoms develop along Orchard Ridge.







May 13, 2011

There will be some apple blossoms all along the orchard ridge this weekend - but not full bloom.  The forecast is for cloudy weather and sprinkles of rain.



March 2011

Pruning continues on the sunny side of the hills.  The north hill sides still have inches to feet of  slosh and slippery snow. It's mud season in the Kickapo









February 2011

Andy and the snow blower.  Snow, wind and below zero temperatures - just an old-fashioned winter in Wisconsin.






December 2010

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