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Retail Salesroom

 Retail Salesroom is closed for the 2016 season.  

Location Map of Kickapoo Orchard.  46490 State Hwy. 171, Gays Mills, WI 54631



October 2016

November 10, 2016.  Apples in salesroom are  priced 1/2 off, sceconds on the porch are $5.00 for 1/2 bushel bag purchased at the cash register.  Alcoholic beverages, cheese and sausage are 20% off until close at 4:00PM on Wednesday, November 23rd. 






September, 2016.  Apple cider and apple-cherry cider in the salesroom.  Bakery is open with pies, turnovers and caramel apples. 





September,  2016.     Early apples in store, gift shop is stocked with jams, jellies, many specialty  Wisconsin foods.  Swiss Family Smoke has brought cheese and sausage!  Sample apples.  Click on this link for available  Apples






Bakery - Apple Pizza and more

September, 2016Bakery is open.

Now THIS is the real Apple Pizza.!    Our own original recipe.

To pick up of large order of apple pizzas, please call at least 24 hours ahead:  608-735-4637.   Our own original "Apple Pizza" is famous as a delectable dessert treat.  It starts with a crust, covered with a layer of the best apples in season, covered with our special buttery topping with slivered almonds,  sugar and spices,  then topped off with soft caramel.  Also serving coffee, apple pies,cookes and caramel apple dish.   Also serving coffee, apple pies,cookes and caramel apples and caramel apple dish.

Bakery, & Inside Seating

September, 2016.  In our Bakery - apple pizzas, turnovers, cookies, caramel apples, caramel apple dish, and pies!   You can enjoy your bakery while enjoying the view of the sunflower/corn maze, orchards and the Kickapoo hills.



Gift Shop and "Wine Cave"

2016.   We now stock wine, hard cider, brandy, gin and other "spirits" made using our Kickapoo Orchard apple cider.  Also find here: Wisconsin jams and jellies, honey, maple syrup, sorghum, cheese, sausage,  bake mixes, popcorn, candy, caramel, mustard, T-shirts, hoodies, kitchen gadgets,  hand-made soaps and lotions.

Sunflower/Corn Maze  

 October 11, 2016, fall weather is here and sunflowers are drying and drooping, but the maze is open for adventurous wanderers.